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The 22 Annual Conference
of the International Committee of Literary Museums (ICLM)

took place at the Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu, Estonia from May 30 until June 4, 1999. By the resolution of the Presidium of the ICLM the theme of the conference was: Exhibition as a Work of Art.

ICLM abbreviates International Committee for Literature Museums. It was established in 1977 within the International Council of Museums as a professional sub-organization.

ICLM represents institutions dedicated to collecting, exhibiting and otherwise publishing documents of and on writers, their literary outputs and their receptions by contemporaries and posterity. It is open to all institutions fulfilling these functions.
ICLM represents literature museums, writers` houses, shrines, literary exhibition centres, archives of literature, and exhibition departments of libraries.
It is open to biogrphical museums of other descriptions with similar tasks such as composers` houses, artists` homes and philosophers` places.
ICLM represents museum institutions in Europe, the Americas, India, the Near and the Far East. It is open to institutions of the above descriptions in all corners of the world.

ICLM stands for:

  • high professional standards;
  • international markets of ideas;
  • institutional cooperation;
  • annual conferences;
  • annual literary;
  • annual lliterary museum excursions;
  • regular publications;

ICLM furthers:

  • proffessional awareness of the needs andstrategies of literary museum work;
  • cooperation with national literary non-museum institutions and organizations;
  • international understanding by printing out the achievements and values of world literature;
  • reading by offering, through the avtivities done by the museums united in it, the literary worlds of words as fields of rewarding exercise and practice and a high standard entertainment.

The final programme and list of reports of the 22nd Annual ICLM Conference.

See also photos from excursions.

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