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The Department of Ethnomusicology (DE) was merged with the Estonian Literary Museum in February 2000. Its predecessor was the Department of Folk Music at the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the ESSR.

Research work in DE focuses on two main issues:
The role of folk music in preserving national identity in the globalising world;
The perceptions and defining of the changes in music by an active performer and/or consumer of folk music, on the one hand, and by an ethnomusicologist on the other hand.

Theoretical research is complemented with the database of Estonian folk tunes (nearly 3,000 folk tunes with related data have already been digitalised).

Publication series:
Ars Musicae Popularis, Ühte käivad meie hääled [Our Voices Sing in Harmony], Töid etnomusikoloogia alalt [Works on Ethnomusicology] and Vana Kannel [The Old Psaltery; together with the Estonian Folklore Archives].

Audio material:
CD series Music of the Finno-Ugric Peoples and Helisalvestusi Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiivist [Selected recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives; together with the Folklore Archives].

DE is also a member of CIOFF Estonia, coordinating folk-lore movement and organising folklore events (e.g. the widely known festival "Baltica") in Estonia.

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